Becoming A Bellringer

How to become a Bellringer

If you’ve ever thought about trying your hand at ringing the bells, why not give it a go? Virtually anyone can become a bell ringer. You don’t have to be musical, or strong, and many mental and/or physical disabilities can be overcome to become a capable ringer.

 As a bellringer you’ll get to:

– Learn something new, interesting and unusual

– Make loads of new friends of all backgrounds & ages

– Help to maintain a traditional skill and provide a service to the church and the general community

– Enjoy a great mental workout which gives you the opportunity to clear your mind of any stresses and frustrations

– Visit amazing places, including parts of churches and cathedrals no-one but bellringers ever visit.

 If you’re interested in learning to ring, get in touch using the details below and we’ll arrange for a taster session. If you like it then we’ll arrange for a few lessons where you’ll be taught ‘1 to 1’ by an experienced ringing teacher, before then joining in with the rest of the band.

 Jo Beever


Phone: 01449 677 633

 Things you might want to know:

– You will need to be at least 10 years old to start to learn, and probably a couple of years older, but there is no upper age limit. Ringing also helps to keep you physically fit, but more because of all the stairs up to the ringing room than ringing as it (perhaps surprisingly) isn’t strenuous with good technique.

– Other than throwing the odd £1 coin into the tower fund collection tin, ringing is pretty much free, with no cost to learn.

– It takes different people different amounts of time to learn how to handle a bell, but it is usually a minimum of a few months of at least weekly practice.

– Once you can ring you will be expected to come along and put your skill into practice on Sunday mornings when you’re available. We normally ring from 10-10.45am.

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